DNS migration, possible downtime

We’re currently migrating our DNS from EveryDNS to Namecheap. TTL is set to one hour, so any dark spots should be resolved by around 9:00 PST.

In the meantime, if you can’t stand to wait an entire hour, our server’s IP is

Application errors

A few users are getting “no application mounted” errors when browsing some of the boards. Our host is looking into the issue right now.

And, the issue is resolved. Now GO POST SOME PONIES!

We’re back!

We’re back online, on a brand-new host, with a brand-new theme! Nopony will ever be able to keep us down.

I have a backup of the old posts, but it will take some work to get them restored. Any further news about this will be published on the site itself.


It seems some cyberscum have managed to get the site taken down.

No worries, though… we received a few last-minute donations which bumped the total just over our goal :)

I’m setting up new hosting as we speak. I’ll keep you posted here (no pun intended).